“Defense of Petrograd”, Deineka – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

Defense of Petrograd – Alexander Aleksandrovich Deineka. 1956. Oil on canvas. 218×354

The work “Defense of Petrograd” is one of the symbols of Soviet painting and is the author’s repetition of the painting of the same name, мейд by A. A. Deineka (1869-1969) in one thousand nine hundred twenty eight and dedicated to the events of the Civil War of 1919, during which the Workers ‘and Peasants’ Red Army fought with the whites troops – opponents of the Soviet regime.

According to the artist’s idea, two processions of soldiers and volunteers, marching in opposite directions in the upper and lower “registers” of the composition, mean respectively the return of the wounded (above) and the vigorous performance of new soldiers ready to accept baptism of fire (below).

Wrapped in overcoats, the stooped figures of the wounded who returned from the fronts are a painful sight. But closer to the viewer is a column of new Red Army men, boldly striding towards fate, in whose ranks women are also visible, and even a wounded man with a bandaged head who does not spare himself for a common purpose. The artist was looking for the necessary types of paintings among the factory workers who participated in the Civil War."

Самостоятельное строительство дома из бруса

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