Pitchers in the ground, D.M. Krasnopevtsev, 1969

Description of the picture:

Jugs in the ground – Dmitry Mikhailovich Krasnopevtsev. 1969. Hardboard, oil. 49.5×61.5
   The main theme of the work of D. M. Krasnopevtsev (1925-1995) was a “metaphysical still life”, easily recognizable for its graphic style, monochrome and a touch of surrealism. In these works, the artist is interested in the structure and materiality of objects – beaten pottery, dried plants and sea shells, always painted sculpturally as tangible as if molded, planed or carved from various materials.

   In the painting “Pitchers in the Ground” clay vessels, painted on a neutral background, dissolve the connection with space, begin to independently exist outside it and are as if in zero gravity, not obeying the law of gravity. The artist is interested in the form as such and its magical ability to create composition."

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