The defeated demon, Mikhail Vrubel – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

The demon defeated is Mikhail Vrubel. One thousand nine hundred one and one thousand nine hundred two Canvas, oil. 139×387

   "Demonias" Vrubel is an exceptional phenomenon in art. The image of the Enemy of man, a fallen angel, excited the artist extraordinarily. Some tend to see in this interest the irreversible onset of mental illness that hit the author at the end of his life. But most people are inclined to believe that the author was not interested in Evil itself, but in the unbridled pursuit of freedom and the defense of her convictions.

   The artist created several sketches for "defeated demon". Having found the necessary composition, the artist several times redid the picture in search of color and light. When the work was almost ready, the master again rewrote the work.

   Today we have two different author versions of one plot. If a "early" the demon is a young man full of unearthly charm, whose unhappy facial expression makes the viewer sympathize and empathize with the defeated rebel. "Late" the demon, if defeated, is not submissive.

   Both fallen angels are devoid of wings, the way for them to "sky" closed forever. Sumptuous feathers wallow in disarray, and the wings themselves suddenly petrified.

Demon of 1901, sketch

   First of "demons" lies with a humble and detached face. The second one burns with a look of determination to continue the struggle.

   It’s known that while working on "Defeated demon" the artist was distinguished by irritability and unsociability. The mood of his work was transmitted to the author and, possibly, provoked an exacerbation of the disease."

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