Description of the painting & quot; Three princesses of the underworld & quot ;, Vasnetsov, 1881

Description of the picture:

Three princesses of the underworld – Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov. 1881. Oil on canvas. 152.7×165.2

   The basis of the picture was a folk tale of the underground princesses. For Vasnetsov, the princesses are the personification of the riches of the Russian land. Since the work was intended for the main office of the Donetsk Railway, the artist boldly changes the plot of the tale, introduces a new character – the Black Princess (coal).

   Before us is the abducted princesses of the Underground Kings. Different characters, different temperaments. Each of them is sad about the lost house. The attitude of the princesses to their fate varies. "Gold" the princess is cold and proud. Her emotions are hidden under an indifferent and contemptuous mask. Another reaction in "Copper" princesses. She is curiously studying everything around. As if she had known people for a long time, she looks more confident than others and is much more alive than her "gold" sisters. It is evident that, knowing its worth, it is open to communication, inquisitive, simple.

   "Coal" the princess is not just sad, she mourns the lost house. Confused and scared, she doesn’t even want to look at the new world. Her only gaze is turned towards her underground kingdom, lost forever.

   The princesses are also different in age: the oldest – "Copper"medium – "Gold", the youngest – "Coal". In this order, people developed earthly riches. The work is filled with symbols and signs. The tale in the interpretation of Vasnetsov takes on a completely different meaning."

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