Fishing, Perov, 1878

Description of the picture:

Fishing – Perov. 1878. Oil on canvas. 54×45

   The picture produces several "sketch" impression. One feels some incompleteness, incompleteness. Being an avid and enthusiastic fisherman, the author shows his favorite pastime with love and understanding. Bright and fun colors give the work some "popular" sounding.

   The atmosphere of serene peace is created by the soft light of the morning sun, dawn and cloudless sky. The characters in the picture are still half asleep. Their jar is empty, the catch ahead. It is evident that most of all it gives them pleasure to be near at this moment. Apparently we have a grandfather and grandson. The age difference is emphasized by the artist in color: pale, yellowish tones for the senior fisherman and pale pink (shirt color) for the boy. Before us are not inveterate anglers, but amateurs.

   The painting is emotionally rich and its plot is not easy for the artist. Having survived the death of his two children, he yearns for them.

   The work was created several years before the death of the artist. It can be assumed that in his work the author expressed longing for a quiet family life, for children’s laughter, for comfort. Therefore, it becomes clear that idealization, simplification and sad sound of the picture. Explained and detached and indifferent expression on the faces of the heroes. Either they have not yet woken up, or they are completely bored with their occupation. However, they continue to fish with enviable patience.

   It becomes clear and the incompleteness of the work, the fuzziness and some blurry picture, which is not at all characteristic of the master.

   The artist formally approached the creation of the landscape. It only denotes a riverbank, bushes shrouded in morning fog.

   A careful examination shows that the figure of the senior fisherman is spelled out more precisely, the figure, especially the boy’s face, bears traces of incompleteness. It was unbearably hard for the author to work on the face of the child, the memories interfered and tore his heart.

   On the other хэнд, in every stroke, in every line of the picture, the хэнд of an experienced master who is in love with his work is felt. Perfectly served sunlight, texture of water, glass, summer greens. The long-range plan, with a barely readable smoking factory pipe, turned out really well.

   As if embodied old age and youth on the bank of a vital river, thought about the past and the future …"

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