Lilac, Mikhail Vrubel, one thousand nine hundred – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

Lilac – Mikhail Vrubel. 1900. Oil on canvas. 160×177

   The painting occupies a special place in the work of the great master of Art Nouveau. The constant search for new forms, a burning desire to turn every work into a tangible miracle, full of deep meaning. The blooming lilac bush, seen by the master in the Chernigov province, мейд such a strong impression that the artist immediately started to work.

   A miracle is in front of the viewer – like a nymph driven by a pan, the girl took refuge behind a flowering lilac bush. An approximate, fuzzy image excites the imagination of the viewer. The artist does not give a clear image, for him the riot of lilac colors surrounding his heroine is more important.

   At the exhibition, the painting was praised by Sovereign Nikolai Alexandrovich, who was distinguished by a conservative taste. Praise turned the work into a modern masterpiece, criticism choked with delight, but the content of the work remained a mystery for a long time. In this work, researchers are inclined to see the embodiment of the artist’s complex philosophical views, his aesthetic program.

   Lilac is a favorite flower of Art Nouveau artists. They were fascinated by the color itself and the mystical, mesmerizing variety of shades of purple."

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