Painting & quot; Flying Demon & quot ;, Mikhail Vrubel, 1899

Description of the picture:

The flying demon is Mikhail Vrubel. 1899. Oil on canvas. 138.5×430.5

   Like many works by the master, the picture remained unfinished. The master worked the background well, which is a typical Caucasian landscape. As for the figure of the demon itself, it is so schematically drawn that the author’s idea, perhaps, can only be guessed.

   The work is sustained in the harsh colors of brown and sulfur tones. The atmosphere of anxiety and impending tragedy was created by the author. The demon seems to be moving through a narrow space between heaven and earth. He is already limited in movement, and in front of him a complete defeat awaits.

   The texture of the folds of the hero’s robes is perfectly conveyed, but the contours of the body are only outlined schematically. The master tried to achieve harmony between the figure of the demon and the surrounding landscape. For an artist, a demon is a symbol of opposition to everything, rebellion and courageous defense of his convictions, contrary to all authorities. Freedom is the main thing for a master in his hero. Brown tones – a reference to the plumage of an eagle.

   The reasons why the author left the work unfinished remained unknown. Perhaps the master did not find a sufficiently deep idea for the canvas, or found the plot itself quite simplified. It is known that in a year the artist will return to the image of a fallen angel."

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