Description of the painting & quot; Letter from the front & quot ;, 1947, Laktionov

Description of the picture:

   Canvas “Letter from the front“Brought the artist great fame. Written on still fresh recollections of the years of the war, it found a warm response in the hearts of Soviet people.

   The picture is a genre scene with successfully found “life” staging. There is no unnatural posing and unnecessary pathetics, such a scene on the sunlit porch could be seen in every house where the long-awaited front-line letter came. In each family, in these joyful moments, everyday activities were immediately postponed and the message was read, which in this work was entrusted to the eldest son. His relatives posed for the artist; Seeking to convey all the smallest details as accurately and reliably as possible, Lactionov (1910-1972) acts as a true “chronicler.”"

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