Moscow inn, Kustodiev, 1916

Description of the picture:

Moscow tavern – Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev. 1916. Oil on canvas. 99.3×129.3

   The Moscow inn is a special, difficult place. The main thing in it is communication, relaxation. This is exactly what the restaurant appears in the picture. Graceful and graceful sex, serving visitors. Red ceilings and arches give the work a joyful and festive atmosphere. Judging by the willow bunch behind the icon, the action takes place on the eve of Easter.

   In the center of the tavern at one table there was a very colorful group. The same clothes give out to them the cabmen who arranged a tea break. Chauffeurs dignify and dignify tea. Like medieval guild masters during a ceremony. And the musical accompaniment is provided by songbirds in cages under the ceiling. An elder of a respected congregation sits beneath the icon. One can even guess some similarity of the image on this icon with the strict and solemn face of the chairman of the tea party."

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