Painting “Moonlit Night on the Dnieper”, Kuindzhi, 1880

Description of the picture:

Moonlit night on the Dnieper – Kuindzhi. 1880. Oil on canvas. One hundred five x 144

   For a long time the author did not dare to present this work to the general public. The artist for a long time selected a room for its placement. He was engaged in lighting the canvas surrounding its interior. To make sure that the work makes the right impression on the viewer, the master invites friends to his workshop: Turgenev, Mendeleev, Kramskoy. Finally, when there is no doubt, the author arranges a mono-exhibition. The exhibition has only one work …

   To see the new masterpiece of the master, people came a few hours before the opening of the exhibition and lined up in a long line. There was no end to the enthusiasm. The criticism was choking. The excitement was also supported by what became known – the painting was bought by Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich, a well-known expert on painting, poet and playwright.

   The viewer was attracted by the artful moonlight that flooded the water surface of the Dnieper. The color scheme of the picture is simple but expressive, the lines are precise and ghostly at the same time.

   It is known that the artist мейд paints on his own. This time the composition was not very reliable. In addition, after public shows, the Grand Duke placed work on his yacht and went on a long voyage. Dampness and cool air led to the fact that the work darkened. However, she did not lose a single drop of her mystery and attractiveness."

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