Red furniture, Robert Rafailovich Falk, 1920

Description of the picture:

Red furniture – Robert Rafailovich Falk. 1920. Oil on canvas. 105×123
   R. R. Falk (1886-1958) was a painter, draftsman, theater artist, member of such associations as the World of Art, Jack of Diamonds, later OMX and AHRR. The canvases of this artist are distinguished by the perfectly transmitted volumetric form. In some works, the master introduced a sharp deformation, which allowed him to emphasize the internal tension in the picture.

   This can be noted in the canvas. “Red furniture”: in spite of the fact that there are no characters in it, the shifts of forms and expression of color are so saturated with emotions that the viewer involuntarily gives rise to a feeling of anxious foreboding. The impression is enhanced by the temperamental, even “excited” manner of writing, emphasizing the intensity of the rhythm formed by objects located in the room and the shadows falling from them. Chairs with high backs and a sofa are “dressed” in red covers. They hide the true forms of the furniture and give it an unclear outline."

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