Portrait of the ballerina O. V. Lepeshinskaya – A. M. Gerasimov, 1939

Description of the picture:

Portrait of the ballerina O. V. Lepeshinskaya – Alexander Mikhailovich Gerasimov. 1939. Oil on canvas. 157×200
   With impeccable technology, Lepeshinskaya in every image created on the ballet stage she was able to reflect her own, lively sparkling character.

   The artist catches a ballerina at the time of rehearsal. The heroine froze for a moment in front of the viewer in a typical dance stage – she stands on pointe, her hands are lowered on the ballet tutu, her head is slightly turned to the side, as if preparing for the next exit to the middle of the rehearsal hall. Another moment – and the ballerina continues the dance. Her eyes are burning, she is full of inspiration and love for her profession.

   In the picture, traditional representativeness is combined with a new look at creative activity. Dance in the life of a ballerina is the highest meaning of her existence."

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