Portrait of the composer Kara Karaev, T. T. Salakhov, 1960

Description of the picture:

Portrait of the composer Kara Karaev – Tair Teimurazovich Salakhov. 1960. Oil on canvas. 121×203
   In the portrait of an outstanding Azerbaijani composer Kara Karaeva the artist sought to show the difficult process of the birth of music. The concentrated pose, closed from the point of view of psychology from the viewer, speaks of the ultimate concentration in the inner voice. The creative process can be stressful and long, during which the external life seems to freeze for a person immersed in himself, or stretches excessively long on one note until a solution is found.

Isn’t that why the long black piano, against which the seated figure of the composer is shown, seems so endless? The image of this musical instrument sets the measured rhythm of the composition and serves as a necessary contrast for the hero dressed in a white jumper. The artist brings almost to the graphic scheme the rigid contours of the figure of Karaev and interior items."

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