Resurrection of the daughter of Jairus, Ilya Efimovich Repin – description of the painting

Description of the picture:

The resurrection of the daughter of Jairus – Ilya Efimovich Repin. 1871. Oil on canvas. Two hundred twenty nine x 382

The painting “The Resurrection of Jairus’s Daughter” was painted in 1871, and its author received a large gold medal, and besides her the title of artist of the first degree and a pensioner trip abroad.

This dramatic complex painting was the first big work, and the plot for it, the painter chose a famous biblical story. Jairus, who was the head of the synagogue, came to Jesus and fell at his feet – his only daughter, dying twelve years old. A request for help is interrupted by terrible news – “… your daughter is dead, do not bother Teacher.” But Jesus goes to the house of Jairus to reveal the miracle of the Lord and to resurrect the girl mourned by the parents. Repin chose the moment when Christ comes to the bed of the already dead daughter of Jairus.

Looking at this work, despite the dramatic nature of the plot, you never get tired of reassuring yourself: the name “Resurrection of the daughter …” gives confidence that the ending of this scene will end with a miracle and the girl will wake up, because as Jesus said: “she did not die, but sleeps”. Therefore, you allow yourself to carefully examine the picture, noting the logical construction of the composition, the accuracy of human characteristics, the color palette and the integrity of the plot presented.

The left side of the picture is illuminated by a candlestick – the light captures the gloomy atmosphere of the room, the Savior, the bed and the pale white face of the deceased. Such a meaningful interpretation of light, distinguished by semantic expressiveness, makes Repin and Rembrandt related (this was his favorite technique).

The right side is darkened, and faces of mourning parents emerge from this twilight. These heroes were written by Repin, based on the memory of a personal tragedy. In the same way, his parents mourned the little daughter, the painter’s sister, when she suddenly died, filling her heart with emptiness, and the house with sorrow.

The picture is distinguished by academic rigor, the nobility of color interactions, restraint of gestures. Everything in it breathes with sublimity and a demonstration of the greatest strength of the human spirit. Jesus holds the deceased by the хэнд, his face is calm – he is ready to reveal the miracle of resurrection.

Many sources claim (according to the painter’s cousin) that Repin created the picture to the music of L. Beethoven, namely the divine noble and aching sounds of the “Moonlight Sonata”.

The painting “The Resurrection of Jairus’s Daughter” is considered the “official” beginning of Repin’s creative career, which will be very bright, rich and fundamental for all Russian art."

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