Joyful May, Stanislav Yulianovich Zhukovsky, 1912

Description of the picture:

Joyful May – Stanislav Yulianovich Zhukovsky. 1912. Oil on canvas. 95.3×131.2
   S. Yu. Zhukovsky (1875-1944), Russian artist of Polish origin, in the picture “Joyful May” depicted the interior of a country house, the open window of which bursts into a warm sunny May day, transforming the whole room with a play of light.

   Old wooden walls, Empire-style chairs with blue upholstery, placed along them between the window openings, and portraits of the inhabitants of this house who have not been alive for a long time can tell a lot. The interior is motivated by deep nostalgia. Everything breathes in the past, but the joyful light that spreads throughout May muffles minor notes and makes this interior come to life a little. Blue flowers on the illuminated windowsill – as a symbol of the renovation that has come to the old house, characteristic of all nature."

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