The ball flew away, Sergey Alekseevich Luchishkin, 1926

Description of the picture:

The ball flew away – Sergey Alekseevich Luchishkin. 1926. Oil on canvas. 69×106
   The image of reality that the author created in the picture “The Balloon Flew Away”, goes against the official Soviet art of the 1920s. The artist depicted tall houses, as if pinching the space between them. In an empty courtyard, in the background, bounded by a fence, is a little girl. She looks at a ball flying into a vast empty space. The windows show scenes of everyday life of residents of high-rise buildings.

   The artist does not show the bright happy future of the Soviet man, but tells of a real, far from romantic everyday life. Tragic signs come through outward naivety: a hanging figurine of a suicide in the corner of the master’s most famous painting."

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