Venice, Mikhail Vrubel, 1893

Description of the picture:

Venice – Mikhail Vrubel. 1893. Decorative panel

   Behind a noisy carnival full of colors, dances and songs, the master saw a certain emptiness and sadness. One has only to take a fleeting glance at the picture, when it becomes clear that not one of the people depicted on the canvas is smiling.

   The city, which plays the role of the background, is like a bulky decoration that prevents actors from playing. The color scheme is heavy and bleak. The audience seems to feel the heat, slowing down the festive action. Participants seem to do hard work, which they can’t refuse.

   The master painted the picture not from nature, but from memory, using photographs. Hence the extreme accuracy in the image "bridge of sighs", such accuracy is uncharacteristic of the master’s painting. She makes the background even more lifeless and dry.

   The color of the picture is illogical at first glance. Some colors look "random"that violate the harmony of the color range. In fact, such an approach when choosing colors only strengthens the impression of a heavy and very gloomy carnival atmosphere."

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